By Hand

I'm blessed to be  able to work with my hands and illustrate images from scratch.

Ideas from no where woven together by lines and dots forming an object breathing in perspective, and living in an imaginary landscape that sometimes conveys emotions more readily than what we are capable to express.

Soul Stealer Concept Illustration - 2012
Soul Stealer - Youtube Behind the Scene
Directed by +Shawn Spitler  

A story more telling and encompassing then we are able to admit. 

百鬼夜行抄 - Procession of 100 Ghosts - 2009

Then you hit that intoxicating summit when pops of colors are added. I suppose you can say the greatest blessing of being an illustrator is when your own work takes on its own life and live grander and longer than you ever will.
Natasha Otis - Soul Stealer Concept Illustration
Banks - Soul Stealer Concept Illustration
Nataly Lopez - Soul Stealer Concept Illustration 
In solitude we observe, we reminisce, and we soar. 


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