Some people write diary when they travel, 
I witness mine by drawing what I see; 
tracing what I feel; 
and observing what others miss. 

A Friend in my imagination, 2010
In colored pencil, water color, and ink pen
I create my own happiness this way, 
pushing away sadness and loneliness. 
When home is 3000 miles away, 
and a place I scarcely know.

Asian Blonds, 2011
In ink pen, industrial markers, and digital rendering
Friends or foes, 
with my pen they are all caricatures of their best selves, 
Making me laugh in my own silence. 
Frozen in contrapposto where time ceases to be. 

A friend that never came to be in my own imagination, 2010
In ink pen, industrial markers, and water color

Be it rain,
or shine,
or utter stillness;
Thousands of people I met through my travels.
Thousands more penned on my sketchbook.

Burn into my memory

When they have forgotten me, I still remember them,

As who I wish to see. 

As who I will them to be. 

Kenmochi Hidefumi,  Tiger Lilly


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