Don't laugh but doodling is the basis that spins all things creative and crazy! This is the foundation where everything else is built on, like the scales and triads in music rehearsal, or the stretches every dancers will never skip. 

For artists, this is our foundation so don't cheapen out just because photoshop and illustrator are available. If it is any consolation, even in fashion a designer who can still draw by hand is highly priced and compensated! And yes that whole myth where we artists are born with the talent is only semi-true; talent is only a starting point and practice is everything. 

Fashion notes, 2008
Ink pen, pencils, industrial markers
Therefore, while some people rock back and forth during meetings, or tap their fingers and flip that god dame pen incessantly; I like to doodle during fashion meetings obsessively.

100 Wishes Children's Book Illustration, 2005
ink pen, pencil, colored pencil
From doodling, we construct characters with discipline. Outlining his/her world and individuality. I honestly don't remember which angel this is but what I do remember when I first read Reagan's poem depicting this angel, I saw string works in a loop kind of like Takenobu's Thursday Piece:

From practice, colors become more than just pigments of my imagination, but an emotional story people can relate to.
100 Wishes Children's Book Illustration, 2005
ink pen, pencil, colored pencil, watercolor
 Another angel in repetition in colors in the form of an oak tree and wheel of life. 


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