Artists are all narcissists. 

When the ability to create is within the tips of your fingers, no one can resist re-creating one's own image(s)!

15 minutes of fame or not, the power to create one's image is a powerful and addictive process. 
I myself is no exception to self-portraiture; illustrated and edited to reflect some dimensions of moods, and the captured emotions of the moment(s).

Self-Portrait, 2008
Ink Pen, industrial markers
( This was a illustrated present I gave to my mother when she turend 50. She f-ing LOVED it!)

Sometimes a break from reality,
Self-Portrait, 2010
Water color, colored pencil, ink pen

Other times a honest representation from my imagination.
Crayons, industrial markers, ink pen, paper cutout
There are still others times it is an edited hyper-reality; meant to direct and dictate. A statement not known for its truth but nonetheless more beautiful and preferred than reality. 

Then I click
SnapShot #3, 2013

 Add filters,
Snapshot #2, 2013
 And borders.

And our 15 minutes of fame just got stretched into 30 minutes via pinterest, twitter, bloglovin, instagram, heartit ,etc.

We are all narcissists, we are all artists and Andy Warhol would be proud, as reproduction of representation just got limitless with advance of technology. And the subject itself means nothing more than its own simulacra. 


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