Portraiture of Women Series

Portraiture of Women Series
Reconstruction of beauty by hyper-reality.

The definition of beauty has evolved over time. From the once faithful mediums of painting & photography the goal was once capturing the natural essence &/or likeness of a subject. Whereas now, with the advances of technology we suddenly have immense possibilities to redefine what beauty is. For instance, we now not only capture the likeness of the subject, but also manipulate that likeness to our own personal preferences. For the first time ever we have access to tools that allow us to strive to achieve that ideal sense of beauty. This series then, is an exploration of the manipulation of beauty.


An illustrated homage to one of the most powerful women in history, Catherine the Great of Russia, who was also a contemporary to M. Antoinette.
 Media: hand illustration printed on Dibond Aluminum Sheet

Pandora – An homage to Marie Antoinette, one of the most beautiful and misunderstood women in history.
Media: Digital photography, hand illustration in black ink, hand painting printed on Dibond Aluminum sheet.

Actress: Lilly Wilton

This series is done exclusively for +ModaRevise C upcoming handbag collections. Not your everyday fashion house.
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