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Like a true artist, perhaps I should share with you all the purpose behind this blog, you know, the who, what when, where and why.

Who Stella - moi - was an art student who never became a manga artist like her childhood hero Yoshihiro Togashi. She has since become a frustrated artist with all clich├ęs intended and works in the fashion industry as a handbag designer. Somewhere in between her mother also wished for her to become a concert pianist, and never fully learned how to say no to an Asian Lioness mom, she packed in 14 years of credential in classical music as both a pianist and an oboist. Thankfully, there was no inter-specie discrimination as Stella's mom was and still is perfectly content to be a lioness versus a tigress.

Lioness' got class.

What This blog is where Stella shares her own works and the discovery of other people's works that tickles her creativity. Albeit in a slightly rambling but nonetheless humorous and thoughtful manner.

When Now.

Why Why not.

Every Thursday Bathroom iPhone Portraiture Series #1
Stella attempts to make ankle Witchy Socks in purple and black stripes
into a fashion statement. 


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