My American Dream Exhibition

Once upon a time and actually not too long ago, I met Keith Mayerson as an all too angry art student in New York University. It was my senior year and not only I had to deal with senioritis, I also had to deal with the uncertain future of my very first handbag line commissioned by my very first Japanese buyer.

There was a lot going on and I selected his class simply because his was the only class offered in the art program that used the word: "Animation" in its description. Trust me after spending 3 full years studying materials by Barnett Newman and other neurologically hardwired art theorists, I needed a break. 

I knew I made the right choice when we watched My Neighbor Totoro by Hayao Miyazaki in my first class, and analyzed the whole movie scene by scene. From its plot to its intention, character development, angle of narrative, and the final execution of visual elements in a cohesive and entertaining manner; I never knew how much an artist's vision can be so calculated and structured. 

It is so NOT true that artists simply do what arises in our hearts without thinking much about it. More than often, we plan, strategize, and execute every single visual detail in the chosen media, just like a CEO of a company would when launching any consumer product. 

Fast forward to April 26 2013, we met again at Keith's MY American Dream Exhibition at Derek Eller Gallery in Chelsea, NYC. To quote from its official press release:

" My American Dream is a non-linear narrative series of paintings that tell a story of contemporary America through a sequence of representational and abstract imagery."

It was a beautiful and emotional experience, where a series of paintings documents Keith's life at various points. 

There were paintings of New York City, which of course given its majestic scenic value would almost always evoke strong responses from viewers. Though some may think they are a safe choice, they are nevertheless beautifully executed with every brush strokes intentionally applied. 

What truly spoke the loudest to me was the painting of his house, his own American dream. A modest and unassuming house in CA, a dream that every single one of us wish to pursue. A truly universal human experience that all of us can identify with and emotionally connect to. 

And then I came across this painting entitled, "Husbands," and I stopped. The honesty and sincerity of this painting struck me hard, as it's becoming ever so easily to try too hard to make a statement that almost always fall into some kind of social labels. But here I only see love and that's all. 
Sometimes the hardest thing is to express the simplest form of human experience without packaging and or social profiling and labeling. And/or filters!

Love anyone? 

Here's KEITH MAYERSON! I SO did not mean to do the Peace Sign, HE STARTED IT!

RP: So what's your next American Dream
Keith: Peace, love, and happiness. 

Derek Eller Gallery 
                                         615 W 27th St  New York, NY 10001
                                          (212) 206-6411


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