Tribute to Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak


I will remember you through all the beautiful stories you wrote and illustrated, which Google has done a darn good job animating!
Maurice Sendak, Google Tribute 06.10.2013
And my own tribute:

Thank you Mr. Sendak for creating Where all the Wild Things are

Thank you Mr. Sendak for making it okay for children like me to possess our very own little monsters. 

Little Monster Series 1/10, 2011
Ink pen and industrial markers 

Thank you Mr. Sendak for making it fun for children like me, who grew up in plenty of loneliness and silence to have playmates that come in fur, claws, and a pug nose. Mine had horns and dressed in traditional Hanfu and we liked to play swing. 

Untitled Little Monster Series 2/10, 2011
Ink pen, colored pencils, industrial markers.

Thank you Mr. Sendak for teaching me how to work with my little monster to kick my little brother's butt. The only problem was sometimes I couldn't tell which one was more monster-ly. 

Little Monster Series 3/10, 2010
Pencil Sketch
Thank you Mr. Sendak. Though I didn't have a cape - if you discount shower curtain - nor a crown with scepter, I did have an umbrella that I paraded around my domain. 

Little Monster Series 4/10, 2011
Ink Pen and industrial markers

I still take the subway to work everyday with my monster, albeit little no more. 

Where is yours? 


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