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I was not the most talented musician but my mother was convinced that somehow with relentless practice and competition since the age of 4, I would grow up and miraculously become a concert pianist.

Well, she almost had her way and I almost believed in her until I discovered Bjork at the age of 16 in Cannes, France.

Remember the time when retail stores still sold CD's and prominently displayed them behind storefront windows? I saw the CD cover of Homogenic while taking a field trip in Cannes, and instantly felt a strange sensation of both awe and fear.

Homogenic CD Cover, 1997

Awe, because I've never seen an artist style herself like this and up to that point, I always thought that being a female musician you had to flaunt your asset shamelessly until it would become more about your sex appeal than your music. 

Fear, because I couldn't tell who or what she was. 

After listening to her first song Hunter on the disc, I was completely hooked. For a girl living in the middle of no where in Michigan, Hunter was a strange mixture of electro beatz with lush string work finished with Bjork's unique vocal arrangement. It was brutal, noisy, and some would even argue that her vocal style shouldn't even be considered as musical.

To quote my mother: " She's not singing, she's wailing and SCREAMING!" 

I agree BUT it was orgasmic and liberating. 

When people indicate other artists as their source of inspiration, I always wonder if it's because they also feel that these artists give them permission to be themselves like Bjork has to me. 

Bjork, photographed by Dave LaChapelle 
To do what we like and what comes natural to us. 

Bjork, Google Search

To also not be afraid of being labeled as a "creep" because we like to do different things, and explore different possibilites that may not always fall into social norm and public acceptance.  

Biophilia, 2012
To simply explore the possibility of being who we are is a choice not many dare to make. In fact most never bother to venture outside of familial expectation or peer pressure. 

I have found my Bjork so what about you? Who is your source of inspiration that dares you to test your own limit and try new things? 


  1. What a beautiful post, Stella. You end on an interesting question. For me, the answer is Ursula K. LeGuin because she writes beautiful, daring sci-fi that never loses sight of character and reading her always makes me want to write. Thank you for sharing. :-)



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