Connect The Dots

This is my second illustration for English 4 Formosa, a Facebook community page that teaches English to Chinese speaking students. 

This time the idea is to illustrate an English idiom in a way that will help the student to understanding and remember the expression. 

Connect The Dots

Connect The Dots, June 20 2013
In ink pen, bull point pen, pencil, and watercolor 
As we all know, idiomatic expression is one of the hardest things to learn about a foreign language. Why is that you may ask, well because it is not the literal meaning we are trying to learn, but its implied meaning derived from that language's history and culture. 

Connect The Dots - Work in Progress,
in pencil and black ink
From an illustration point of view, I want to focus on dots and use the dots to form a line. Remember geometry 101? It takes 2 dots to form a line! 

In any case, I also want this illustration to be fantastical to illustrate the whole point that once one connects the dot, he or she holds the destiny in his or her own hands! Once the dots are connected, a person, a character, an idea of that person and character will be formed and our lives will be shaped accordingly. 

The first story is about connecting the dots. - Steve Jobs

Hence the giant sun flower you see, or maybe I just want to indulge in my late obsession with giant flowers. Nah, the sun flower is chosen because we Chinese believe it as the symbol for long life and good luck; the type of life you can also achieve if you connect the dots. 
Connect The Dots - Work in Progress II
in pencil and black ink 
Technically speaking, I want to keep it organic where I focus on old fashion hand drawn line and some water coloring.
Connect The Dots - Work in Progress III
in pencil, black ink, and water color

Really, how hard is it to learn foreign idioms? Try below French idiom and see how much we take English for granted. 

"Haut comme trois pommes." 

Literally translated as, "high as three apples," it is used to point out that someone -- often a child -- is small or very short.



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