Filtered Illustrations

I was introduced to filter apps yesterday by a friend of mine and boy, was I having a hell of a time. 

Filtered Illustration Series: The Bee & The ButterflyBefore & After 2013 
Black ink pen and pencil on construction paper

It used to be about being locked inside a dark room during Saturday or Sunday afternoon, feeling your way and experimenting with different exposures and chemical processes to get the best photo result you want. 

Given my clumsiness and my preference for cross processing and layering, my expertise seemed to lie in accidental exposures that work just as well. Sometimes. 

Then digital camera came along with processing programs such as photoshop or photo-bucket, and together they became all the rage completely replacing the dark room and the many analogue procedures that came with it to produce one single photo. 

The manuel labors - physical and emotional - to produce one final print may take anywhere from couple days to even a year or two. Because every time you step into that dark room, it's as if you've stepped into the unknown to be perfectly cliché.  
Filtered Illustration: Sketch of a girl who's bored, Before & After
Black ink on paper 
A sepia tint with slightly grey hue is never the same world as sepia tint with slightly blue hue.

I'm not sure how I feel about the filter apps just yet, but given the fact of how the processing time has been reduced down from couples days to a click or two, our choice of selection has just expanded into infinity. 

An illustration filtered, a reality transformed all within matter of clicks, but the nature of experimentation stays the same. 

Filtered Illustration: Sketch of a woman who's falling asleep, Before & After
Black ink on paper
And every time when you adjust the exposure time just ever so slightly, it's a whole new picture staring back at you. So how do you choose the "perfect reality" from an array of manipulated realities hung in front of you to dry? 

And the author of manipulation is of course the same and maybe that's all that matters. 


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