Left Brain Right Brain Joke

I had the honor to be asked by English 4 Formosa to illustrate an American joke, and share with its Chinese speaking students. This is an English teaching Facebook community that helps Chinese speakers to learn English by teaching Latin root words, and root words from other non-Romance languages that constitute the whole of the English Language.
Left Brain and Right Brain Joke Before & After illustration.
Black ink, digital coloring

English 4 Formosa Facebook Community screenshot: Click to enter

The Joke

" I have finally discovered what's wrong with my brain: On the LEFT side, there is nothing RIGHT, and on the RIGT side, there is nothing LEFT."
When I first read the joke, I laughed so hard at the silliness of it that I decided to do the illustration on the spot. The more I thought about it, the more I came to believe that the joke somehow describe the same awkward yet interdependent relationship between a man and a woman too.

 The popular belief is that man tends to utilize one part of his brain more than woman using another part of her brain. So why not use them as visual subjects to demonstrate such ironic and hilarious dynamics!

Left Brain Right Brain Joke, final 06 16 2013
It's becoming a visual entendre! 

Thank you English 4 Formosa!!!


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