A bluff

I didn't go to school for fashion but I know how to draw.
So I bluffed my way into fashion internships and learn the necessary skills on the job. 

My mother was not a bluff so she would have killed me if I had ask her to transfer me to a fashion school half way through my college years. 

VW fashion illustration I, 2006
in pencil, micron pens, and water color. 

Therefore, to learn fashion illustrations I bluffed my narrative and slightly abstract drawings with a tint of technicality and folds of fabrics. These are my very first set of fashion concept illustrations, and you can see they are still very art school-narrative than anything else. But they got picked up and I got myself a job. 
VW fashion illustration II, 2006
in pencil, micron pens, and water color. 
To learn how to use illustrator and create CAD's, I bluffed and got my first paid gig designing wallets and stationary holders while still in school...I lost count how many squares and cursive lines I drew, but in the end I learned the principles of layering and creating surfaces using shortcuts. Not to mention started to pay off my student loans with increasing amount of freelance gigs referred to me. 
VW fashion illustration III, 2006
in pencil, micron pens, and water color. 
I no longer bluff and I'm appreciative of all the circumstances I experienced in my past that got me here. Without them, I would have never learned what I know today. 

P.S. If there's a new program launching tomorrow, I'd still bluff my way and learn the damn thing, however long it'd take!


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