A little story behind a fashion Illustration

Untitled fashion illustration published Brand Magazine, Taiwan 2008
In ink pen, colored pencils and industrial markers. 

By day, I work as a fashion designer and attached is an illustration I did for an old Asian customer back in 2008. She got it published on Brand Magazine in Taiwan along with her collection of handbags I designed for her. Then she printed this illustration into 4' x 6' poster framed on her company's entrance.

 In case you are wondering, this illustration was done on a piece of tracing paper and I didn't like it at all! In fact, I tossed it into a garbage can hence the wrinkles you see. For reasons I would never have known, she fished it out and put it back on my desk when I went to use the bathroom

By the time I return and saw the paper on my table, I thought my office was haunted until she came over and in the most respectfully menacing way, told me to finish it. I did, but in my own little rebellious way; I chose to keep much of the subjects unfinished

Composite of a designer's life, 07 10 2013
Now you see the designer
Now you see the designer in caricature held hostage by her muse
Now you see Brand magazine that featured the designer's work.
Now you see the Wacom Stylus that dictates her life. 

A little Story behind a fashion illustration 


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