Dark Horse

Every child has a dark horse in his or her own heart.

Every child is the dark horse in his or her own right. 
Collaboration with English 4 Formosa
Dark Horse, Commissioned illustration for English 4 Formosa  07.05.2013
In ink pen, digital coloring 
Galloping across with energy and zest for life,

If only we aren't too afraid to show them the love

give them the space

and guide their potential to let them roam

Let them learn

Let them Experience
Collaboration with English 4 Formosa
Dark Horse in progressDark Horse, Commissioned illustration for English 4 Formosa
In Pencil and black in pen 
To make mistakes

To Fail

And to Succeed 

By facing life with courage

And grow into the person we know he or she can be.








Dark Horsein progress. Commissioned illustration for English 4 Formosa  07.05.2013
In pencil

Illustration for English4Formosa
Dark Horse, Commissioned illustration for English 4 Formosa  07.05.2013
Ink Pen, digital coloring
Though when one mentions a "dark horse", one immediately thinks of the color of black. But to me "black" is merely figurative because my potential is different from your potential; because my "black" may be lilac while yours is in teal. 

So I tried to use a spectrum of colors to contour the muscles of the horse and the child's face...I quite like it. 



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