The importance of practice

I cannot stress enough how important it is for artists to practice their crafts, always and forever.

Even in digital art, you must practice constantly to hone your skills and make it right. Unfortunately, there seems to be a misconception about digital artists who many people assume that they never need to practice to creative good works. Somehow just because we "click" instead of "dab" does not mean the creative process is anything less.

In fact it is the same thought process that goes into what type of lines best achieves the shape we want, and what type of light to strategically demonstrate perspective for both digital and none-digital artists. Essentially, it is the same mental process we'll have to go through in order to "click" the right tool, and use the right filter to achieve the right image.

Take below for instance, I first learned to use Photoshop 7.0 when I turned 18. I immediately fell in love with it, but it still took me a good whole year with loads of practices after class to figure out what exactly I was doing, and exactly what photoshop was doing to me!

Red - Character Study, 2002
Practice Photoshop Series 
I practiced by re-learning how to draw a character using a mouse, and how to create lines and shadings using brush tools. If you were rich enough to afford a tablet back then, you must understand how pain in the @ss it was to learn how to apply the right pressure on the stylus to produce the lines you want. 

Graffiti, 2002
Midterm Photoshop Assignment!
From there, I practiced adding different filters to create the scenery and mood I want. Graffiti is my VERY FIRST complete photoshop illustration, so yes, you are looking at a piece of Rambling Masterpiece's history! Oh and Andy was the TA who taught the class. Love that man!

Makeup - Character Study, 2002
Practiced Photoshop Series
The process of creating is, and never will be, easier for a digital artist just because they are using computer programs. They may be more efficient but that doesn't equate to effectiveness. True effectiveness will only come from relentless practicing, and if you are lucky, you may get that "perfection."


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