In the Mood for Mustache

In the Mood for Mustache, 09 20 2013, Hand Illustration and digital art printed on aluminum dibond sheet  

I think as a creative person we definitely spend a little more time oscillating between being in a state of want and in the mood for something else. 

Whereas the former is to have the active desire for something, the latter is more of a change of mind for something else. And in between the balance of the two is the drive to create. At least in my case this is how my mind works. 

A sometimes impulsive want almost always follows by a purposeful change of mind; I wonder how many women go through these stages when shopping to their delight. 

From +ASOS Saint Heels to Mustache Ring, either way, I got tripped up by the Ring, and being the quintessential illustrator that I am, I found myself dressed in Chinese qipao's full glory and wore my mustache.

Now the questions is, what is the want conveyed by the symbol of the mustache I feel in the mood to wear


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