Jean Paul Gaultier in Brooklyn

As the title suggested, Jean Paul Gaultier in Brooklyn Museum was as whimsical as Madonna's "cone bra." Completely in your face yet totally plausible, one can't help but to enjoy M. Gaultier's sense of humor. 

M. Gaultier greeting the museum goers by ways of having his face projected onto the mannequin.

For a moment I thought this was Bernadette Peters winking at me. 

Punk Punk Punk

More Punk

Strike a pose!

That's my dress!

You bet I'm still waiting for the day when men's fashion return to tulle and lace and layers of nonesense.

This whole trend of photo-realism and mirror pattern obviously has a deeper root!

One of Jean Paul Gaultier Chinese inspired fashion concept 

This is what I call mix-media discomfort!

That is one fury luggage!

See that, that's one whole piece of Nile Crocodile horn back! SHIT!

Original concept sketch of Madonna's Blonde Ambition Tour costume.

Ha ha ha I'm sure we all know who this was designed for!


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