Swiss Travelogue - One Night in Zurich

I have fear of flying so I'm not sure how my mother convinced me to travel with her to Switzerland for a week. All I can say is that it's totally worth the fear and one major flight delay to walk the charming streets of Zurich. 

Up and down, left and right, Zurich is the perfect city to meander your way and re-find your sense of beauty. 

And yes, I'm telling you this at 3am in the morning with severe jet lag! 

My Mere, taking in the sight. 

Along the river bank, you can still see into the past. 

I was too cheap to book a river tour but just walking along the bank was still a breathtaking experience. PS there's zero trash anywhere!

Late at night I was ready to get lost!

The first thing I noticed after arriving in Zurich HB, was that H&M and Zara were EVERYWHERE! Also I guessed that the whole concept of SUMMER SALES must be a direct import from America, because the stores didn't even bother to translate into German. 

So walking down this gorgeously historical city, you were nevertheless bombarded by Anglicized SALES signs as though you were walking down Time Square in New York City. 

Walking down in Zurich streets you see SALES SALES SALES! Oh and this photo is SO NOT photoshopped!

Just as the sun was setting and stores were closing. 
Staying at St. Gothard Hotel in Zurich City, and posing with ST. GOTHARD FAMILY :D

With my mother and one of her students who are currently interning in Zurich. LOL I'm not sure what professor actually flies out to visit their interning students in another country the way my mom does! Go MOM!
Tomorrow, onward to LAUSANNE!

P.S. Tips for the lonely traveler: 

1. Don't made the mistake like me by asking where to buy bottle of water. In Switzerland, water is SO CLEAN you can drink it out of the tab as is. The look I got from the receptionist at the hotel was priceless. 

2. There is not gratuity you need to pay and if you do wish to pay after any restaurant service, 10% is the max.

3. To save money on taking public transportation, buy off peak tickets and trust me their second class seat is just as clean and comfy as our first class seat. 


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