Painted Series

Painted, To be White, 08.30.2014
20" x 25" Mix Media printed on Silver Face Dibond Sheet
I'm Taiwanese American and it's so easy to get lost in that white hot blonde ambition promoted in the Asian World. 

White is pretty because it comes with double eye lids, colorful pupils, long lashes, pump lips, and straight patrician nose. 

White washing Asian-ness is standard of beauty so I shall endeavor to achieve such otherworldly perfection that I'm not born with. 

Dye Dye Dye. 

But my white friends like my black hair, cat eyes, and cute button nose so I choose. In the world of art, I choose to paint my whiteness for my Asian sisters and keep my Asian-ness for my white sisters. 

This is part photography part oil-painting digitally manipulated to be printed on silver dibond aluminum sheet. 



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